Khadi Printing

The printing section is equipped with both basic printing machines and the latest state-of-the-art automated machines. Utmost care has been taken right from the design and construction, so as to obtain stain-free printed products. Stringent quality norms are followed both in the production stage and in the dyestuffs used. Ecofriendly dyestuffs and environmentally safe processes are complied with. Printing methods undertaken include gadi, plastisol, reactive, discharge, glitter, foil, tie & dye, flock, spray etc.

Khadi work roots back to the history of India, it has dominantly had a fair role in India's vibrant heritage.

Khadi prints are in great demand by the fashion lovers even today and have become the talk of the town.

Khadi, also called as Khari or Tinsel Work, is meant to beautify and enhance the fabric's look.

Khadi print is the most recommended form of screen textile printing for printing lighter color shades on darker bases like printing white flowers on blue table mats or yellow lamps on brown bed sheets.